Moving 101: How to Properly Pack Your Belongings

Having a stress-free move starts with how you prepare to pack your items. It is crucial to figure out how to pack by ensuring you are organized throughout the process. You can do it yourself or hire Meyer Moving professionals to do it for you. Nonetheless, make packing smooth by following this guide.

Before you start packing, you must get the right supplies. Make a checklist of the things you need to pack your stuff. Such include:

  • Boxes
  • Plastic bags
  • Wraps
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Moving blankets

How to Pack Room-by-Room

  • Packing the Outdoor Items

The rule of thumb is to start to pack the items rarely used. So, start with outdoor and garage items. Clean the furniture and disassemble it if possible. Make sure you also remove the charcoals from the grill. It is also good to keep your toolbox close in case you need some tools when packing the rest of the items. Use cardboard or a towel to cover sharp objects.

  • Packing the Living Room

This room might have the largest items, from the couch, tables, TV, shelves, etc. So, it may also take time, and you might need help. Pack the TV in its original box together with other electronics. If possible, detach the furniture and remove bulbs and lamp shades. You can use moving blankets to secure the mirrors, paintings, and anything else that is fragile. Make sure you also bring delicate photos in your car when moving.

  • Packing the Bedroom

When packing the bedroom, don’t remove clothes from the hangers. Fold them as they are and put them in the box. If your shoes have their original boxes, you can pack them in these boxes to save space. You can also use an old sheet or moving blanket to protect furniture or mattress. You should also keep your valuable items like jewelry in secure boxes and bring them to your car.

  • Packing the Kitchen

This is one of the most complicated rooms that can take some time to pack. So, prepare well with packing supplies. Donate foods, especially the perishable ones, and dispose of the open cans to avoid spillage. You should also detach items like the toaster, coffee maker, and blender and put the parts in the same bag. Ensure you have enough newspapers or paper towels to wrap your dishes and china. You can also line the boxes with linen or towels to secure the fragile items. It is crucial to pack your dishware correctly by starting with the large items at the bottom. Use a double seal at the bottom of the box to ensure it does not tear due to the weight.

  • Packing the Bathroom

The bathroom may feel like a small room when packing. However, it may also take time. So, pack the necessities and wrap the toiletries with plastic wrap to prevent leakage. If you have medications, pack them in a separate box and label them.


This is how you pack room-by-room when moving. Make sure you evaluate your items to know how much you need to do. Get packing supplies ahead of the moving date and be flexible with your timeline.