How to do a Bathroom Remodel Yourself

If you fancy a change in your home and want to do it yourself, you might think that the bathroom is the best place to start as it is probably one of the smaller rooms that you have in your house. But how easy is it to do a bathroom remodel? The interior designers at Triple Heart Design say that with the right plan and some DIY experience, you could save yourself thousands of dollars. Moreover, with a little bit of design know-how, you can really create a wow-factor without breaking the bank.

Getting Started

The place to begin when thinking about remodeling your bathroom is with a plan. Your bathroom design should be something you give great care to before even thinking about buying any new fixtures and fittings. This is especially so if you are planning to change the location of any bathroom fixtures. It is of course easier to replace like for like in terms of toilet and vanity sink but if you really want a change, you may decide to switch everything up. If so, you need to create a careful plan of where everything currently is, and where you are planning to make changes. This may mean electric and plumbing changes, in which case you will likely need help from a professional tradesperson.

Take Careful Measurements

Once you have decided where you want your new fixtures located, you must carefully measure the space you have. Mark where any doors, windows, and radiators are and measure all the free spaces. This information is useful when choosing new items such as a bathtub or shower cubicle.

You will also need to measure for wall and floor tiles if you are going to choose them. Alternatively, you could install shower panel walls as a more affordable option and go with vinyl flooring. With so many different options available, there are some fantastic materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

Remove the Old Fixtures

When you are ready to begin, you need to get rid of everything that you are not keeping. Before removing the old bathroom fixtures, you will need to turn off the water supply at the mains as well as at the supply points to each piece, such as the vanity sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet. When everything has been removed, modifications to the plumbing and electrics can be completed. It is always best to hire a professional to take care of these jobs; particularly the electrics, which can be dangerous.

Decorate the Walls

The walls should be decorated first with your chosen wall covering. Make sure whatever you choose is water-resistant. Both tiles and shower panel walls should be attached to a flat wall. The walls should always be done before the floor.

Lay the Floors

The floors should be finished before the bathroom fixtures are installed. This will make it much easier, regardless of the type of floor covering you have chosen. The plumbing fixtures will already be in place at this stage as will the drains for a walk-in shower if you are having one.

Install the Fixtures

The bathroom fixtures are the last to be installed. Anything that needs to be connected to the water supply, such as the shower head, toilet, bathtub, and vanity sink, should be installed before other items like cabinetry and light fixtures.


Without the experience of plumbing and electrical work, you will always need some professional help when remodeling a bathroom. But with a good plan in place and a clever design, there is a lot you can do yourself to create the bathroom of your dreams.