Critical mistakes to avoid when hiring a basement renovation contractor

An exciting remodeling project in every home is the basement conversion. Imagine a space that has been underutilized for years and now is to be converted to something warm, comfortable, and the center of attraction to all – family, guests, and friends. At the initial planning stage, your most important concern focuses on color selection, luxury features, or furnishings, but the contractor you choose is what matters most.

This article outlines some mistakes that you could make when hiring a basement renovation contractor.

Not confirming if the contractor is licensed/ insured/ bonded

Should anything go wrong as you work with a contractor, where will you go? When hiring a contractor, you must ensure that the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Licensing keeps the company on toes in their service delivery, and in case you have a dispute with them, you have a place to seek recourse. Licensing and bonding are what keeps you protected in the event something goes wrong. Before you request bids, make sure you verify the license online or through the local building department. 

Not having a clear scope of your project’s scope and budget.

The clearer the project is to you, the easier it is for your contractor to achieve your intended goal. Remember it’s your project, and therefore the contractor comes to fit into what you already have planned. If you’re not sure about the outcome you want in your basement renovation project, ask a professional to help you clarify and set clear objectives. Again, you can go online and check out the thousands of content related to your project. That way, you’ll be sure of what to do, and the contractor will fit so perfectly into your plan.

Again, you must have cost projections depending on the much you can afford. So as you receive bids, you’ll know the contractor you can work with, one who offers quality and within your budget. 

Choosing the contractor who bids lowest

Most of the time, quality comes at a cost, and that assertion seems to hold water for most things, whether it’s items you’re buying or services you’re getting. One of the worst mistakes most property owners make is to choose a contractor who bids the lowest. Check through the quotation and see the details that a contractor proposes to cover. Often, the one with the highest quotation is the best choice.

Ignoring online references and reviews

Before you hire a contractor, you’ve to check their website’s review page. Their clients’ responses will tell you whether you can entrust them with your project or not. Check out through their social platforms like Facebook and see how they respond to customer queries. That will tell you whether they are a good fit for hire or not. 

Before you go looking for a contractor from “the blues,” it’s prudent you ask your relatives and close friends for references. That way, you will easily get the best candidate.

Why make some mistakes when hiring a basement contractor when you can avoid them. Do some proper research, visit the website, ask around for referrals, and most importantly, be clear in your objective, so you know the kind of contractor you need.