Factors to consider when choosing a countertop installation company

What you’re looking forward to is quality workmanship. It is one thing to purchase high-quality countertops like quartz and granite, and it’s another to have them installed in the right way. That will give you the best results and increase the value of your home tremendously. Choosing the right countertop installer is critical in ensuring you get countertops that look beautiful and perform well for many years. Your countertops are the attraction point of your kitchen, and if done haphazardly, then you’re off-balance.

What aspects do you consider in a countertop installation professional?

Choose experience, not just credentials.

A contractor may have all the credentials required to practice, but the job is more practical. That means the more they practice, the more experienced and therefore better placed to handle any job. A contractor must have spent years working on different projects with all manner of challenges. Check through their clients’ portfolios to see the tasks they’ve handled before so you know whether they’re a perfect fit. That way, you know, even if your job is complex, they have a way of navigating through until they get the best results.

Equipment and tools

A dedicated, reputable, and experienced countertop company will have the requisite tools and equipment to do its work. There are special cutting blades, saws, and other equipment needed to trim the materials to fit the right shape and dimensions. The equipment ensures precision in execution, and therefore a contractor who seems to be struggling with such may not give you the best results. Some materials like granite and quartz are so fragile, and if not handled with the right tools and equipment, they could easily break, and that’s so costly.


Checking out for reviews on a company’s website gives you a picture of the professional you’re about to entrust with your work. See what others are saying and their response to the issues raised. Most importantly, you need to know their relationship with their clients to know what to expect. Don’t stop at the website; go beyond and find out if they’ve social platforms like Facebook where the interactions are more rigorous.

Their cost

There are so many countertop installation experts in the market today, which makes the industry pretty competitive. But very few of these will deliver admirable quality results. 

Many homeowners mistake hiring a countertop installation contractor because they look cheap but wait until you see the workmanship; you’ll regret it. The amount they charge should not be the concern here; yes, there should be affordable, but your focus is to see value in what you’re paying for.

Turnaround time

You don’t want to engage a contractor who will take ages to deliver a simple kitchen project. Before you sign the contract with them, let them be clear on the time they’ll take to finish the project. That will help you plan well for payment and also make arrangements for the materials.

Reliable contractors like Stonnik kitchen countertops are not easy to come, and when you get one, then you’re sure your project will be accomplished perfectly. Take your time; ask for referrals from colleagues, relatives, and friends. Again, choose local so that you’ve someone near you to run to in case of an emergency.