How Can I Make My Pool Look Nice?

A sprawling oasis in your own backyard, a pool is more than a place to cool off on sweltering summer days—it’s a focal point for relaxation, celebration, and unwinding. Whether you’re hosting a poolside soiree or simply enjoying a peaceful evening under the stars, the aesthetics of your pool area play a significant role in the experience. From landscaping that frames the water exquisitely to the accessories that add a personal touch, every element contributes to your pool’s visual charm. Here’s how to elevate the allure of your personal aquatic haven.

Landscaping Around the Pool

Landscaping is the green canvas on which your swimming pools melbourne beauty can truly shine. Effective planting is not only about choosing verdant life that complements the pool’s design but also about understanding the local climate and sunlight patterns to ensure your oasis thrives. When considering the impact of plants, both in and out of the water, think of harmony and longevity.

Plant Selection and Placement

For a luxurious and low-maintenance outdoor space, consider choosing hardy native plant species that thrive with minimal water consumption, especially those that can benefit from the pool’s spray. To prevent debris and maintenance issues, position taller plants further from the pool area. For a tropical feel, you might explore the option of incorporating bamboo or ornamental grasses. Alternatively, consider adding columnar trees that can offer privacy without compromising the available space in your outdoor area.

Hardscaping Options for a Cohesive Look

Hardscaping adds structure and character to your pool area. A blend of stone, slate, and concrete can delineate areas, create pathways, and maintain a consistent aesthetic. Mix permeable paving stones with traditional deck materials to reduce water runoff and keep feet clean. The key is to ensure all hardscaping elements, from material to design, complement one another and the pool.

Pool Design Enhancements

Once the natural backdrop is in place, it’s time to shift your attention to the pool itself. Consider incorporating design enhancements that not only contribute to its visual appeal but also aim to create a multisensory experience. By engaging various senses, such as sight, sound, and touch, you can elevate your pool from being just a simple blue rectangle to a captivating oasis that beckons relaxation and enjoyment.

Lighting Solutions for Ambiance

Day turns into evening, but the party doesn’t have to end. Soft, LED lights can be buried in the pool’s edging for a subdued glow that highlights water features and movement. Consider the night sky when selecting colours, and think about how lighting changes the mood of your space. Add underwater lights to illuminate the pool’s depths for a safe and enchanting night swim.

Water Features and Decorative Elements

A natural stream bubbling into your pool or a simple set of cascading fountains can transform the typical pool into a private lagoon. These features not only mesmerise but also aerate the water and can contribute to a therapeutic atmosphere. Don’t stop at functional features—statues, rocks, and other decorative touches can be strategically placed to both enhance and anchor the pool’s theme.

Maintenance for Aesthetics

A stunning pool, with its shimmering waters reflecting the sunlight, can quickly lose its charm if not properly maintained. Dull, murky water, sudden algae blooms, or unsightly debris can turn an idyllic space into a maintenance headache, robbing you of the tranquillity and joy it once provided. By ensuring regular care, from skimming the surface for leaves to checking the pH levels, you can keep your pool looking as inviting and refreshing as it was on Day 1.

Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Pool

Investing in a dependable pool skimmer is crucial to maintaining a pristine water surface. Alongside regular vacuuming and brushing to deter algae and sediment accumulation on the pool’s floor and walls, periodic use of a chlorine scrub can help combat stubborn stains effectively. Neglecting proper cleaning practices can result in complications like poor circulation and potential damage to equipment, underlining the importance of consistent and thorough pool maintenance routines.

Proper Chemical Balance for Water Clarity

Water clarity is the canvas on which the rest of your pool’s aesthetics are painted. Maintaining a balanced pH level, along with the correct chemical treatments, ensures crystal-clear water that entices rather than repels. Test the water weekly and make adjustments as needed. Remember, it’s not only about appearance—improperly balanced water can lead to health hazards and equipment corrosion.

Accessorising and Furnishing

The final touches are arguably the most personal and significant when it comes to poolside aesthetics. Poolside accessories, ranging from carefully selected furniture pieces to decorative accents such as stylish umbrellas and captivating art pieces, play a pivotal role in reflecting your unique taste and preferences. These elements not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also convey how you envision utilising and enjoying the pool area.

Furniture Choices for Comfort and Style

Functionality meets fashion with poolside furniture. Choose pieces that are not only comfortable but also durable enough to withstand the elements. Wicker and teak are excellent materials for poolside loungers, while flexible seating arrangements can adapt to the size and needs of the crowd.

Adding Decorative Touches Like Umbrellas or Art

Umbrellas provide essential relief from the sun while also adding a vibrant pop of colour to your poolside landscape. Enhance your pool area with a selection of weather-resistant art pieces that not only complement the overall theme but also create a captivating ambiance. Consider incorporating elements such as a beautifully crafted mosaic tile table or a gracefully dancing sculpture that moves in harmony with the breeze, adding an extra touch of elegance and charm to your outdoor space.


Crafting a visually appealing pool area is a process that begins with the natural and ends with personal touches that make it an extension of your living space. By thoughtfully considering the elements that make up your pool’s aesthetic, you can create a space that welcomes you and your guests to enjoy the full potential of home leisure—a place where memories are made and relaxation is the only item on the agenda. With these enhancing strategies, your pool will not only look nice but become a beautiful centrepiece of your oasis.