What to Look for in a Professional Roofing Company’s Estimate?

Before hiring a professional roofing company for repairing or replacing a roof, one should familiarize with the company’s estimate. A roofing estimate is a broad overview of what a client can expect from the professional McKinney, Texas roofing company and how he will have to pay for the job. The more an individual understands what a roofing estimate includes, the more empowered he will feel to make a smart decision. this short guide will familiarize people with the basic elements that they should expect in any reputed roofing company’s estimate.

The Basics

At the very least, people can find the below-mentioned details in a professional roofing contractor’s estimate:

  • Company’s name
  • Contact details of the company
  • Official website of the company (if any)
  • Company’s licensing and insurance information
  • Job description and scope of roofing work
  • Materials used for repairing or replacing the roof
  • Warranty information
  • Bottom-line roofing project cost
  • Provisions of the roofing estimate

Work Description

A roofing estimate provided by McKinney, Texas roofing company should online a detailed job description so that clients can understand the work that the contractors will perform. The work description can include:

  • A list of roofing materials
  • Type and thickness of roofing underlayment
  • Types of sealants used for waterproofing a roof
  • Location of the flashing
  • Nails and fasteners’ size
  • Specified manufacturer products
  • Changes to ventilation

Materials Used

An experienced roofing contractor will always specify in extensive detail the type of roof decking, flashing, shingles, ventilation, and underlayment that will be used for repairing or replacing a roof.

Cost and Payment Schedules

A roof estimate should include costs related to labor, materials, permits, and removal of any debris. A reputed roofing company will always include the total job cost with no hidden fees or changes. Almost all roofing companies have a structured payment schedule concerning payment terms. A contractor might ask for a deposit at a certain percentage and the remainder at job completion.

License and Insurance

Companies like McKinney, Texas roofing company are mandated to carry a roofing contractor’s license that meets the specific state’s requirements in the United States. In addition, such companies are required to carry liability insurance for protecting their employees from injuries and compensating their clients for any damage to the property.

Manufacturer and Workmanship Warranties

A manufacturer warranty refers to the guarantee that backs up all roofing materials that a roofing company uses for repairing or installing a roof. While the workmanship warranty covers the labor and guarantees for roofing installation meeting all job specifications, building codes, and industry standards.


A reputed and professional roofing company will always be ready to provide a detailed roofing estimate upon request. If a contractor denies a roofing estimate, consider it a red flag. Although most professional roofing estimates are comprehensive, they often don’t cover all job specifics. A person should ask some necessary questions to address important areas, regardless of how detailed an estimate is provided by a roofing contractor. Getting a comprehensive roofing estimate and asking essential questions to multiple roofing contractors will help an individual choose the right contractor for undertaking his roofing project.