What Landscaping Tasks Can be Completed by Renting a Compact-sized Excavator?

With the right attachments, one can rent a compact excavator for completing several landscaping tasks quickly, efficiently, and safely. A mini excavator rental is an ideal option for one-time projects or a company looking forward to keeping its maintenance overhead low. One of the main advantages of renting a mini excavator is that people can transform a yard or project site safely and conveniently. Additionally, its compact size makes it easy to maneuver the mini excavator through a backyard gate or tight spaces. This article put together some common landscaping tasks that can be completed with a compact excavator.

Digging and Grading

Whether the constructor wants to dig for installing an in-ground hot tub or trench for repairing a sewer line, the mini excavator’s main function is to use the boom to dig with a wide range of bucket attachments. Although it’s not possible to dig too deep as with a full-size excavator, a compact-sized excavator can be maneuvered in tight spaces including backyards, more efficiently than with hand tools. Additionally, a grading bucket can be attached for backfilling or leveling.

Loading and Lifting

A mini excavator rental is great for scooping, lifting, and dumping materials at higher elevations compared to a skid steer. Moreover, compact-sized excavators are capable of swiveling their cab 360 degrees which makes it easier to complete the loading quickly and efficiently. In addition, the contractor can attach a material handling hook, bucket, or grapple with the thumb attachment for lifting and placing heavy objects.

Site Clearing and Preparation

Almost every outdoor project starts with clearing the land to prepare it for further landscaping improvements and upgrades. In many cases, site clearing and preparation requires removing rocks, tree stumps, and overgrown bushes and grass. A ripper can be attached to the compact-sized excavator to cut into the ground and loosen or pull out deeply-settled roots and rocks. Additionally, a brush cutter can be attached to mow any dense vegetation. The contractor uses a bucket with a thumb attachment to handle small stumps, branches, and rocks.

Soil Compacting

If anyone wants to build a new driveway or any new structure on a site, they will need a strong foundation for undertaking the project. Once the soil or debris is cleared and the site is graded to the desired shape, next, the contractor will want to compact the land for elevating its strength and prevent air or water from disturbing the ground. In such a case, renting a mini excavator can help. A compact-sized excavator with a compactor attachment can be used to compress and smooth the soil quickly and efficiently.


Now that it’s clear how mini excavator rental can help in completing a wide range of landscaping tasks, make sure to rent the equipment and attachments of the right size and capacity that will work best for a particular on-site project. Although mini excavators are small in size, they can deliver big on jobs of every size. Furthermore, one can easily learn to operate this versatile and productive equipment leading to reduced training costs and time.