Murano Glass in Home Decor

In this article we are going to combine two principles that go along very well, home décor and tradition. One of the countries that is very well known for this is Italy, which has one of the oldest cities carrying on some of the oldest traditions and of course the worldwide known Italian design and quality.

All of the Italian cities have something to offer, however today we are going to speak about Venezia, or Venice, and what this beautiful city on water has to offer. Besides the many canals, bridges, and gondolas, Venice is also known as the source of the most beautiful glass figures, but not any type of glass, Murano glass. When you walk through the narrow streets, you will see dozens and dozens of little shops with colorful figures on their stands, most of those figures are made with Murano Glass.

So you might ask yourself, what makes this Murano glass so special? Well, we are here to answer that… Firstly starting from the name, Murano glass has its name from the place where it’s made, which is Murano, a small island right next to the main island of Venice, however it’s considered as one, so the naming shouldn’t make any confusion. It dates back from the 13th century, when it was decorating one of the oldest and most beautiful Venetian palaces. The technique of making it is passed down from father to son, from generation to generation, and only real artisans from Murano can make these art figures. The technique prevents the use of any machinery, so each product is unique, with small differences between one another, due to each being hand-made.

Before continuing, let’s talk about the authenticity of this glass, so we clear any confusion. The Murano Glass is strictly made from Murano, it cannot be made in any other city nor country. To prevent any fraud products, the province of Veneto, where Murano and Venice are located, issued a trademark of originality that only real Murano glass figures, made in the island of Murano, and of course made by professional artisans, can be credited to. So if you see any figure that has made-in-china or is made in any other country or city, even any other Italian city, just know that it’s not a real authentic Murano glass piece. To make sure you are getting the real thing, search from the Trademark of Originality, which is stamped on the product.

This of course doesn’t mean you have to go to the streets of Venice to buy a Murano glass figures, nowadays there are authentic online websites that give you the opportunity to buy original Murano glass figures and bring part of the Venetian tradition back to your home, no matter where you live. One of these websites is, which has a vast selection of Murano glass figures.

Speaking of vast selection, yes, many figures can be made from Murano glass, from which the most popular are the vases, sculptures, tumblers, animal figures, abstract figures, aquariums, and much more. Each one of these figures are made with different techniques, that are so complicated and complex, that if we start writing about them, you will have to read 10 pages, so we will leave that for another article. However, what is very important to talk about, are the colors in the Murano glass figures, they are all gotten by mixing minerals into the glass mix. The artisans mix gold to get red color, cobalt to get blue, iron for green, and many more elements for various designs. And also many Murano figures have speckles of gold or silver that gives that luxurious shine, and also that increases them in value.

So, to conclude, Murano glass is one of the most luxurious and old decorations that was trending, and will be trending for many more years to come. It’s perfect for any home décor enthusiast that wants to give a spark in their home that cannot be found any other place. Whether you want an aquamarine vase, lovers figure to gift your significant other for this valentine, or just some abstract figures, you cannot go wrong when you are buying a Murano figure. We can say with certainty that the value will only go up and everyone that enters your home will be astonished by the beauty of your new decoration piece.