How to Decorate Your First Home During the Holiday Season

If you have recently moved into your first home, you might be eager to make it look great for the holiday season. After all, you don’t want your neighbors to put you to shame with their cool festive decorations. But how can you decorate it in a tasteful way without spending a small fortune?

Don’t Go Overboard

Maybe your mom and dad always decorated every inch of their home, and you want to do the same. This is perfectly fine if you have the time and the money to spend on decorations. However, remember that your parents may have been gathering their precious ornaments and decorations for a long time. There is no need to put yourself under pressure to match their style. Buy the essentials now and then you can add to your collection every year.

Consider Your Tree Carefully

Part of the fun of Christmas for many people is the trip to the local Christmas tree farm and picking out the perfect tree for the home. But many individuals are making the switch to artificial trees because these can last for decades if taken care of. If you are going for a real tree, think about how long you are planning to have it up in the house. Most trees will last for around five weeks if they are properly cared for. Real trees should be placed in a bucket of water to keep it looking good for longer as well as to minimize the risk of fire.

Put Some Lights Outside

There is nothing nicer than fairy lights decorating a home during the festive season. Remember, there is plenty of time to go all out, but for your first year focus on a set of icicle lights that you can hang from your drainage gutter system. The experts at Global Gutter Systems say that if you are hanging lights from the gutter though, make sure they are not too heavy and that you use special gutter clips designed for this purpose. This will prevent the gutters from being pulled from the walls.

Use Garlands

Garlands can be simple or elaborate and they can be used to wrap around the banisters on the staircase or to sit on top of the mantlepiece on a fireplace. You can buy garlands at your local Christmas shop, online, or at retailers such as Walmart. Some people even make their own garlands with the kids for a fun festive activity.

Make Your Own Decorations

If you are on a tight budget, you can make more than just garlands to decorate your home. There are some fabulous DIY projects on YouTube and other sites that will show you how to make some beautiful Christmassy items such as wreaths and table décor. You can keep these decorations for many years.

Light Some Candles

Candles can instantly create a cozy atmosphere in a home, providing warm light to darker areas. Consider some subtly scented candles for a Christmas feel.

Use Festive Throws and Pillows

Some people have a special set of pillows and throws for the holiday season. These are decorated in Christmas themes and colors and can be brought out every year to make the home feel more Christmassy. You can usually find these at affordable prices online or at the larger retail stores.


Decorating the home for the holiday season is fun and exciting, but if you have just moved into your first home then you might not have a lot of cash to spare. The good news is that there are many ways to make your home look festive without spending a fortune.