Five Localized Marketing Tactics to Promote the Next Open House

Any agent who has hosted an open house can testify to the laborious nature of the process. The time, money, and effort required for an open house—from planning and advertising to make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day—can occasionally be enough to deter agents from hosting them.

Employ Social Media Marketing

Images and videos that advertise your listing and highlight some of its best features are just two examples of how you can use multimedia on social networks to advertise your open house. Whether through Facebook albums, Instagram tours, Twitter event updates, or even Pinterest boards to highlight the best of the home and neighborhood.

You can create engaging posts to encourage people to visit your open house. Some of the many content ideas you can use include pictures and links to the giveaway items available at the open house and photos of the food and drink you’ll be serving at the open house.

Moreover, you can add images of the neighborhood, including parks, stores, cafes, and local attractions, automatic reposts from your associated Instagram account, and reposts of yearly local community events close to your home.

You could collaborate with local influencers to increase your reach on social media. Ask these influencers to reshare your content or create a new, relevant post from their account and tag you in it.

Conduct Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a staple for a reason—it is effective! Don’t forget to email your friends, clients, family, and potential customers about the upcoming open houses. You may. Send updates on your new listings to your email list, along with a description of why each would make a lovely new home for the right buyer. Include virtual video tours if you have the funding to help generate interest in your listings.

Furthermore, the people on your email list might need to be aware of the implications of real estate trends for them as home sellers or buyers. You can share general educational content about selling a home through email marketing or use it to break down trends for your readers in a digestible and valuable way. You should fixate on drafting a compelling subject line and preheader text Because nothing you write inside an email matters if no one opens it.

Create and Distribute Flyers

Many agents feel the transition of the real estate industry to digital marketing. However, you must stay up-to-date with technology to use print advertising, one of the most tried-and-true methods for

marketing. Flyers can be posted in your real estate agency’s window, on community bulletin boards, or distributed hyper-locally within the neighborhood. You can advertise your open house in the neighborhood newspaper if you have the capital.

At the open house, you can hand out listing real estate flyers with an attention-grabbing headline, high-resolution pictures of the property, and a brief description of the property for sale, including the address, pricing, etc. You can create a little more buzz by providing exclusive events and promoting them via flyers.

Services like PosterMyWall have a myriad of flyer-maker templates. You could create an exciting mega-event by combining several open houses in the same neighborhood, hosting a special open house just for neighbors, or providing a free seminar for first-time homebuyers.

Door-to-door Promotion

You can advertise your open house using a variety of strategies. It is typically a good idea to diversify your efforts to gather a significant crowd for your event and set the stage for future sales around the neighborhood.

A standard method for spreading the word about open houses is to go door-to-door in the community and distribute handouts about your upcoming open house. Even though it might seem unnecessary to promote the open house to residents, there are a few reasons why doing so is an excellent use of your time.

First, locals may know people looking for a home and can help you spread the word. Secondly, people will see how committed you are to selling homes and will be more likely to work with you if and when they move.

Follow Up With the Client and Start a Referral Program

After a sale, send a thank-you email to encourage testimonials. Never provide anything in return for a favorable review. However, it’s becoming increasingly commonplace these days to send a thank-you note that includes a message that you appreciate feedback and would appreciate a testimonial for your website if they’d like to provide one.

Giving happy customers a few extra business cards and asking them to recommend you to their friends could be the beginning of a referral program.

Final Verdict

You can advertise your open house using a variety of strategies. Additionally, it’s a good idea to broaden your efforts, just like any other marketing plan. With a little perseverance, you’ll attract a sizable audience to your event and lay the foundation for upcoming neighborhood sales.