6 Key Signs That You Need Furnace Repair Service

Faulty furnaces cause discomfort, property damage, unsafe living conditions, and inconveniences. Since the failure of furnaces comes with significant risks, it would be best that you learn how to detect signs showing your unit requires repairs.

Professional and prompt furnace repair Calgary will help to prevent serious issues and know which signs to identify so that you can contact an expert when another problem arises. Some of the signs to look at are:

1. Abnormal Smells

Although furnaces can produce a pungent smell when they are installed for the first time, as time passes by, they need to lose that odor.

However, if you notice that the smell is still lingering, then it is high time that you have your furnace serviced. A strong smell coming from the exhaust may show that there is poor combustion.

Although you may not be able to smell carbon monoxide, you may smell Aldehydes, a common by-product of poor combustion.

2. Difficulty Starting

As furnaces age, you will have a lot of trouble turning on the system and keeping it operating. If you must try several times so that they can restart or start, then you need repair services.

These issues with functionality often come from damaged thermostats or disconnected wiring. Replacing affected parts will help to resolve the problem.

3. Noisy Furnace

Although no furnace runs without making any noise, a loud and persistent whistling or squealing noise may show there is an issue with the fan or belt.

If your furnace is groaning or banging, then it means something inside is broken. An ignitor problem may trigger noise when ignition delays and gas accumulates. Initially, this won’t be risky, but it may increase the wear amount on the system.

4. Change in Pilot Flame Color

When running your unit, the standard color of the flame must be bright blue. It would be best to always observe the flame to detect any changes in the way it lights up.

If the color of your pilot flame changes to a wavy and weak flickering flame, then it means that your unit may soon go out, thus requiring a professional’s help.

5. Poor Heating

The primary work of furnaces is to heat homes. If you realize that your system is doing its job properly, then it would be best to contact an expert for repair.

Various things may make your unit fail to produce enough dirt, like a blocked air duct, a broken blower motor, or a dirty/clogged air filter.

6. Change in the Airflow

Your furnace can run continuously, but it can’t heat the house efficiently or evenly without adequate airflow in the ductwork and throughout the unit.

With time, you will start noticing changes in the airflow. When this happens, it would mean that one of the vents has weaker airflow. Normally, decreased airflow results in costly repair and significant issues in the end.

Final Touches

As a homeowner, you might be able to fix simple furnace repairs. However, it would be best to let an expert handle complex and technical issues. Unlike you, an expert has the skills and necessary tools to handle technical furnace issues.