5 Window Dressing Ideas for different styles and budget

The way you dress a window can transform a room from a space that is just OK, to something really  special. When it comes to dressing your windows, there are many different options available to you.  You may be a person that loves the luxurious feel that a pair of bespoke curtains will give you,  alternatively, you may be looking for a smart minimalistic option, in which case a pair of ready-made  roman blinds in East Kilbride or wherever you are based offer the ideal solution.  

Whatever your style, preference or budget we feel that there are several good options to help you  make your room a functional and welcoming space. One thing to keep in mind when considering a  window dressing for any room is the primary function of that space. For example, in a bedroom, you  need a window covering that allows you to sleep well and peacefully, therefore you should ensure  that your window covering gives you the dark and private space you need. In our article, we have  looked at five different options that will give any room a great new look.  You can follow Korean Style Bedroom as an example of good looking bedroom.

Match Your Curtains and Blinds  

If you have a large room with many windows, think about treating them as an individual space as  opposed to part of a series. For example, it may be more practical to dress a large bay window with  full-length curtains to help keep out drafts, while using a Roman blind on a flat window in the same  room as it is better suited to the shape. You can keep the theme by using the same fabric for both  and matching it up with cushions and other accessories to dress your room.  

Fit A Voile  

Sheer curtains otherwise known as voiles are one of the most elegant ways to control the flow of  sunlight into any room. They can either be used as a stand-alone window covering in rooms that  don’t require total darkness or privacy, or in conjunction with curtains to give any room a more lavish  feel.  

Made to Measure Curtains 

For full-on luxury you can’t beat going down the bespoke route, custom made curtains aren’t cheap,  but they will make any room look elegant and unique. Made to measure curtains offer you several  options when it comes to headers, with everything from French Pleats to Waves available to you. If  you fancy an opulent feel why not get a fullness of two where the width of your fabric is at least  double the width of your pole.  

Easy Eyelets  

Eyelet headers are one of the most popular choices when looking at ready-made curtains. This is  because they tend to make for a much sleeker look. Most brass eyelets for example are about 40mm  in diameter, so make sure you check this before ordering your curtain pole that it goes with your  curtains. 

Why Not Add a Pelmet  

Fitting a curtain valance can make an attractive addition to any window without breaking the bank. A  pelmet will also help hide away any unsightly curtain rails. Adding a valance in the matching fabric  can give your curtains a fuller and more sumptuous appearance and enhance the look of your room.  

These are just five ways you can improve the look of any window space and there are lots of others,  meaning that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to dress your windows stylishly and appealingly.